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Getting a successful student visa is not an easy task. At Easetofly we give free visa guidance to all the candidates. We guide our clients in the entire visa process from filling up applications, preparing financial statements to training candidates for mock interviews. Easetofly staff remains regularly updated on the latest visa documentation rules and this helps us in guiding candidates towards filing their documents in the most presentable manner. The competent staff at Easetofly assists students with the visa applications, offer guidelines for financial statements and help students in preparing the file to meet the requirements of High Commission to ensure 100 per cent Visa success. Every country has a different process and procedure for visa filing. We at Easetofly assist students with the adequate information based on country to country. The glaring mistake that majority of the students make filing their papers is of applying with the same old documents of rejected visas. At Easetofly we guide students with the clarity and all the check list information is available at our offices. Based on the checklist for all the countries, the guidelines are given on financial documents and the visa filing process. Canam Consultants Ltd offers a solution for every query under the sun related to education abroad. The organization aims at assisting students to move to the best colleges and universities abroad, and create great career opportunities for them. For past two decades Canam Consultants Ltd has mastered the art and science of education abroad. With such an expertise, Canam Consultants Ltd has the ability to identify the most suitable university for each student.

Visa Types


Employment visas allow a foreign national to work in the Other countries for a temporary period of time. This usually involves sponsorship for employment visa status by the employer to relocate the worker to the other countries for a short period of time for work. Employment visas are sometimes called work visas or work permits.


Business visa is given to those who make business related trips to other country such as making sales or establishing contact on behalf of the company outside their Country.Business Visa is a non-immigrant visa. Those who would like to travel to other Country for a short duration for business related reasons.


For any person wanting to travel, holiday, visit a place or even write an exam or undergo medical treatment.Visas are easily granted for applicants who have a genuine intent or have traveled overseas before & have the finances to support themselves in the country they are visiting.We arrange Tourist Visa for all countries.



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